JurasBanga hotel

JurasBanga hotel
  • 12 rooms
  • Save parking 
  • Barbeque area (for picnics)
  • Recreational spots at the hotel territory
  • Wi-Fi for free
The hotel „Jūras Banga” („Sea wave”if translated from Latvian), located in the dune area of architectural monuments protected by the state . The hotel building built in the twenties of the last century are recognized as a rare piece of wooden architecture of the town of Jurmala. The buldings underwent several restorations. The last one was completed in 2010. The rooms are well-repaired according to modern conveniences without disturbance of architectural originality.

The adjacent territory in the midst of pines offers the comfort of recreation near the fontain and barbeque area for picnics and friendly parties. Home-like aura, fresh sea air combined with remedial phytoncids of pine needles enhance your health improvement.
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